Miya of the Quiet Strength


“Thank you for producing the documentary about Miya. Her wonderful gifts of strength and forgiveness came through clearly. You were able to capture her frailty and vulnerability which actually made Miya all the more admirable as it humanized her and put her daily struggles in a context where her mental strength shown all the more brightly. The family interviews were touching and very well done. As most Iowa natives, I’ve known about Miya since the shooting, but I never really knew much about her other than the condensed news stories. Your film painted a clearer picture of an extraordinary person.”

                                                                               -- Aaron Buchwald

“She really was great for what she did, not for what happened to her.”

                                                                    -- David Kuntz

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Miya of the Quiet Strength is a one hour documentary about the life of Miya Rodolfo-Sioson, the lone survivor of the November 1, 1991 University of Iowa shooting. Following her injury, Miya became a quadriplegic, but her disability has not prevented this determined woman from helping others. The film portrays Miya’s life as an activist, following her as she overcomes many challenges and fights for the rights of others she sees as less fortunate than herself.